Saturday, January 17, 2009

Whats New This Week?

We had a lovely time away and I've come back to some new stock to list.

First up there are new playsilks, in lots of different sizes. These are great for getting kids imaginations running wild. They are sold in white but are very easy to dye with procion dyes or food colour. If you want instructions just ask us :).

Secondly we have a new lot of engraved snaps arrive, some are just refills, but we have some new designs, a very pretty rose in crimson and mushroom pink and some really funky aliens that will go nicely with a polyester PUL we are getting in the next couple of months.

We have also just got woven size labels in S, M and L.

Finally we've had a new shipment of Minkee, there's now Citris, Raspberry and Huckleberry in the Minkee PUL and also some more Aqua Sea, and Rainforest now available in the plain Minkee. The chocolate mudcake minkee is currently on Back order and should be here within the next 6 weeks.

Just some picture from our holiday.