Thursday, April 30, 2009

May is Coloured Bamboo Fleece Month

We've taken $2 off the price of our coloured bamboo fleece for the month of may.

Aprils gone already - Oops

Its the first of the month - woo hoo
I have probably disappointed my grandmother (Nanny) as I didn't wake up and say Rabbits Rabbits - LOL (for those of you who don't know, you are supposed to say Rabbits Rabbits on the first of the month to ensure you have good luck all month) For my Nan May was an important month to remember to say Rabbits Rabbits as it was her birthday this month plus its mother's day :)

Well at Fairy Fabrics we've been busy with lots of new products coming in but I've been slack with updating the Blog - sorry.

Whats new?
* the One Size Cheekies Nappy Pattern, this fantastic pattern can be used to make a one size AIO, one size fitted, one size pockets and it also has the pattern to make great inserts.
*Minkee Prints - Strawberry Sundae, Girrafe, Green Camo, Pink and Brown Camo and a new Retro dots (Lavender, coral pink, off white, white on a chocolate back ground- mmm love this one ;)).
*Fairy Fabrics Microfleece in Chocolate and Grape, also a small amount of lime and taupe. This is our new microfleece, that is velour on one size and has a woven backing, its nice and thin and super for inners of your nappy.
*White Poly PUL is back in stock - finally!!!!
*Hemp French Terry is now available in 50cm x 140cm pieces.
*Haberdashery has a stack of new products including - seam rippers, washable marker pens, and bobbins.
*Seam sealer tape will also be available in our Haberdashery section this can be used to seal PUL if you join 2 pieces of PUL together or embroider your PUL pieces.
* Lastin is coming :)
* New FOE prints including little fish and hearts - so cute. If you'd like some seconds white FOE let us know it has some brown water marks on it.
*Dye Kits are back in stock and look out for bulk amounts of some colors.
*We've just received some new HiLoft Wind Pro - gorgeous colours.

Hope you all had a great April and are looking forward to May :)