Saturday, August 13, 2011

Uh Oh I was recently reminded that we do still have a blog - oops

I think I feel into the trap that facebook is sooooo easy and I'm there regularly so a quick update is fairly easy. But talking to a few friends they aren't on facebook and are not about to get a facebook account just to keep up with what is happening at Fairy Fabrics - lol. Blogger is no more difficult than facebook so here I am :)

We've had a fairly busy this month, we had our nearly annual order of bamboo fleece come in last week so we are swimming in 400gsm Bamboo 70%/Organic Cotton 30% Fleece. This time we also got a large amount of Bamboo Velour and a small trial amount of Bamboo stretch terry and Hemp stretch terry.

Additionally we have our own PUL in a Rainbow of colours at a very reasonable price.
We are also proud sponsors of the Cloth Nappy Hunt again starting in September.

The Cloth Nappy Hunt

If anyone is interested in a Pocket Making Class in early September could they please contact us
I think that's it for this time :)