Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tigers in the Fairy Garden ;)

This piece of remnant has been sitting in my scraps box screaming at me to do something with it. So I finally did, it took about 5minutes and the kids absolutely loved it :) They spent most of the day running around growling and playing together as tigers.

The piece I had was 40cm x 150cm I folded it in half and cut about 5cm off the edge to make the tail, then cut the remaining fabric in half so I had 2 pieces that were 35cm wide and 75cm long. I folded each of these pieces in half again and then I made a 1cm cut in the very center of the fabric and extending it along the fold for there heads. Since my kids have large heads I also cut down a little at the front so I had cut a T shape. Then I took the piece I'd cut for the tail and cut it in half so it was 5cm x 75cm and stitched it onto the middle of the back of the piece of fabric. Since I used minkee it needs no heaming, although I would sew the tail on with your sewing machine as our tails got pulled a lot and are now a lot longer than they were when we started :)

There you go a very simple tigers costume, that was heaps of fun to play in and took next to no time :)


  1. Very cute! And tomorrow they can get recycled at Zebras!

  2. Very clever and oh so simple, ie simple is also sometimes best!